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Courtesy of the range of Network Communications Platforms and applications, Panasonic systems provide advanced communication solutions that help businesses lower costs, optimise interaction and improve customer service.

Telephone Systems for Sales & Marketing Panasonic provides solutions for Sales based organisations including Mobile/GSM Integration, call centre tools, rich presence functionality and Conference Calling for efficient and cost effective communication with remote workers.

Example Problem

A global sales team regularly works remotely, visiting customers, travelling or working from home. The company wants to benefit from more effective and efficient communication processes by integrating all remote workers back into the central business telephony system.

Panasonic Solution

Panasonic’s NCP, together with Communication Assistant desktop productivity application enables a whole host of features to help assist remote workers, such as Mobile phone Integration, CRM and email integration, Point and Click Call Control, Visual Voice Messaging, Instant Messaging, Conference Calls and much more. Mobile integration allows the sales team to receive calls made to their deskphone wherever they are located. Calls directed to an office extension can be redirected to a mobile, enabling colleagues and customers to easily contact a sales representative anytime, anywhere. The sales team can contact colleagues simply by dialing their extension from their mobile or by using a desktop softphone application. The IP softphone is enabled simply by using their laptop to connect to the corporate IP network, via a broadband or secure managed broadband connection providing advanced desktop productivity based on cost effective VoIP communications. Integration with MS Outlook enables the sales team to access emails and receive visual voice messages, which can be accessed through the PC speakers or headset. The sales team also have the quick option of sending text based messages to colleagues through Instant Messaging (chat).