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Telephone Systems for Medical & Healthcare

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Panasonic Unified Communications solutions are designed to help businesses lower costs, increase productivity and connect all offices wherever they may be, through its range of Network Communication Platforms and Applications.

Telephone Systems for Medical & Healthcare Panasonic provides solutions for the Healthcare industry that can optimise communications across large sites and geographically diverse locations, to help improve efficiency and service levels.

Example Problem

A hospital needs a solution for collaborating with multiple partner medical practices, in order to provide better efficiency and data collaboration.

Panasonic Solution

The Panasonic Network Communication Platform (NCP) helps enhance business solutions with its voice networking infrastructure, which supports companies with distributed and geographically diverse office locations. Users can stay connected wherever they maybe, even across large campus organisations or multi-site Health Authorities. Multi-site networking helps customers with multiple branch sites to benefit from lower costs for branch-to-branch communication by either leveraging their existing corporate Wide-Area-Networks (WANs), or using Managed VPN services available from network service providers.

Panasonic NCP

Panasonic’s NCP can seamlessly integrate with Communication Assistant Productivity software for improved efficiency. CRM application integration allows medical staff from all locations faster access to patient contact data. Employees can also view appointment diaries for all locations. The hospital could utilize Automated Attendant to greet callers and provide options to direct them to the most appropriate ward e.g. maternity, paediatric, orthopaedic etc, which will decrease call volumes at the switchboard, and prevent callers waiting in a queue. For “on call” systems, extensions can be dialled in priority order, and where necessary all extensions in a group can be called at once. Automated Attendant could also be used at the medical practices for ‘out of hours’ to inform patients of emergency numbers and opening hour times.