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Telephone Systems for Hotels & Hospitality

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Panasonic Unified Communications provide advanced communication solutions to improve customer service, enhance operational productivity and provide benefits from the front desk, through to customer guest rooms with its range of Network Communication Platforms and Applications.

Telephone Systems for Hotels & Hospitality Panasonic solutions have hospitality specific features built-in, with a range of desk and wireless devices ideal for Hotel suites and rooms, business centres and events offices. Standard based product applications like unified messaging, call accounting & reporting, combined with third-party interfaces for Front-Of-House (FOH) and call billing help provide a complete solution.

Example Problem

Have a need to upgrade a hotel and update its services to incorporate a better customer experience?

Panasonic Solution

The Panasonic Network Communication Platform (NCP) comes with an exciting array of business intelligent features specifically designed to help the Hospitality industry with complete solutions. Using a range of devices; hotel staff can access built-in features like check-in/check-out for guests, view the room status and much more. At the touch of a button guests are checked in and telephones setup, allowing calls to be made by the guest from any extension in a room. The hotel receptionist can setup remote wake-up or reminder alarms for guests. In addition, when integrated with the Panasonic KX-TVM voice mail messaging systems, the Network Communication Platform (NCP) allows for private voice mail for every guest room, as well as timed reminder/wake up alarms that guests can easily setup from their own room. Hotel front desk staff can easily view guests check-out details (call details, charges, etc), and additional charges such as mini bar, room service, spa treatments can be added simply by using the phone keypad. Panasonics DECT wireless handsets can play an important role in a hospitality environment by ensuring that key members of staff never miss calls and can be contacted anytime, wherever they are.