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A great opportunity to identify the right telecom consultants for you

You’ve established your phone system requirements. As you set out to choose the right business telecom consultancy, put Telephone Systems (UK) top of your list and see how we tick all the right boxes for your consultation and survey. It says everything about how we’ll look after you in future:

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  • Installation experience for businesses like yours.
  • Manufacturer accreditation (not all telecommunications consultants have it).
  • A complete package including network cabling and hardware.
  • Cheaper Calls & Lines, and billing services.
  • Training, support and maintenance.
  • A professional demonstration and project showcase.
  • Locally based telecom consultants.

The phone systems consultants to count on

Not all telecommunication consultants are as open or helpful as we are. From simple systems to complete business broadband and VoIP installations, we understand your caution about choosing consultants. After all, today’s decisions have long-term implications for your business. During our consultation, listen to your intuition and see how we shape up as a potential business telecoms partner: 

  • We’re locally based for after sales support.
  • We ask intelligent questions about your needs.
  • We offer carefully thought out solutions.
  • Our maintenance contract is easy to understand.
  • We’re genuinely interested in providing you with the most suitable system.
  • We talk about business telecoms in plain English.

Help us to help you by providing as much information as possible

It helps us to help you if you give us as much information as possible during the pre-sales consultancy. Naturally, as professional telecom consultants, we’ll always respect the confidentiality of anything you share with us. Once we have this, a copy of your needs assessment, and your survey results, we can prepare a competitive proposal. 

Friendly, knowledgeable Telecom consultants

From initial consultancy to future maintenance, you’ll find that we’re friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable. Contact us now, we’re sure you’ll soon understand why you needn’t look further for your phone system consultants.