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Phone System Maintenance

Expert phone system maintenance for reliable performance

We’ve completed a thorough survey, provided helpful consultancy and installed the new phone system your business needs. Now it’s time to plan routine phone system maintenance to keep everything performing reliably. Naturally, we can help.

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What does phone system maintenance cover?

Phone system maintenance typically takes the form of a maintenance contract with agreed service level agreements (SLAs). Different contracts specify different response times to get someone out to your business. Four to six hours is usual, but you might consider a faster response if your system is business critical. Whatever the service level you choose, system maintenance requirements typically cover requirements such as these:

We’ll help you plan the most suitable phone system maintenance

As well as your main phone system maintenance contract,we can help with other phone systems repair or maintenance (including network cabling or other equipment not covered by a maintenance plan. Furthermore, as specialists in Panasonic phone system maintenance, we offer special expertise with this brand.

Choosing the right phone system maintenance for your business

Whatever your maintenance requirements, we’ll help you select the right level of support. You’ll enjoy peace of mind and the simpler business budgeting that comes with a fixed regular payment for services such as the following:

  • Phone system repairs (parts and/or labour)
  • Preventative phone system maintenance
  • Online fault diagnosis and system programming
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Priority for upgrades

Support that’s right for your needs

Whatever your business demands, we’ll advise you and help you choose support that’s right for your needs. Contact us for more details about phone system maintenance for your business.