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Panasonic KX-TVM 50E Voicemail

Empower your Birmingham business with Panasonic KXTVM 50E Voicemail

The Panasonic KXTVM 50E voicemail system is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use unified voice message system for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Based on Panasonic PBX CTI software, this voicemail perfectly complements your Panasonic phone system and provides up to 64 users with a secure password-protected mailbox and access to a wide range of time and money saving voice management services:

  • Transfer services
  • Mailbox services
  • Message delivery services
  • Network service with CTI
  • Attendant services

Open, play, delete or forward messages from any PC

The KXTVM 50E answers calls while you are out of the office or taking another call. The system will then email the message to you – at any location where email is available. And when voice mail systems are used with Panasonic CTI Phone Assistant software, it’s easy to open, play, delete or forward by email voicemail messages. All you need is a PC and email connection.

Business-enhancing benefits

These powerful Panasonic systems are much more than just call recorders. Here's a selection of key benefits you could enjoy:

  • Help up to 64 staff manage time better with versatile voice management.
  • Record important messages.
  • Reduce operator overhead, handle out-of-hours phone reception and use filters to save time and money and improve your business responsiveness.
  • Develop value-adding company services based on your KXTVM 50E system.
  • Make sure important messages get though with fast, accurate message relay.
  • Enjoy easy access to your Panasonic KXTVM 50E voicemail system with the Panasonic Phone Assistant (VMA).

For up to 64 users, the Panasonic KXTVM 50E voicemail system provides a powerful voice solution that efficiently supports them when they’re re out of the office or otherwise occupied. As your local Panasonic KXTVM 50E voicemail systems partner, Telephone Systems (UK) can help you get the most out of your system.

Contact us to arrange your personal demonstration of the Panasonic KXTVM 50E voicemail system or to learn more about how advanced computer telephony can help your business.