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Cost savings and expandability lie at the heart of your internet VPN

Is your business keen to reduce information system costs and maximise network scalability? An internet VPN service from Telephone Systems (UK) could be perfect for linking your sites using secure encrypted transmission over our business-only internet access platform.

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Internet VPN: often the most effective means of carrying traffic between sites

Although lacking some of the scalability of Managed IPVPN, internet VPN services are often the most cost effective way to carry voice and data traffic between different locations. You could avoid expensive long-distance leased lines because internet VPNs use public networks for the long distance traffic and only require cheaper leased lines for local access. Internet VPNs are also great for reducing long distance call charges, while offloading expensive support costs.

Would Internet VPN be right for my business?

As a local internet VPN service provider we take a pride in offering the most appropriate solution for each client. We’ll always carefully understand your needs before recommending any solution.

  • You need fast, flexible connection for up to 30 sites over a wide area.
  • You want cheaper business calls and cheaper broadband
  • You need to carry high volumes of time-sensitive data cost effectively.
  • You demand strong encryption for inter-site traffic.
  • You want a common infrastructure to support national and international sites in one network.
  • You support sites that constantly change, or are temporary.
  • You employ home or remote workers on an ad hoc basis.
  • You have a centralised IT department and drive your applications from one office.

Add the expertise and support commitment of a UK based company that deals direct with BT Openreach and you have an effective way to make information work harder for your business.

Internet VPN service – the benefits

One way or another, the benefits of our internet VPN service come down to saving you time and money, and making it easy to operate your organisation:

  • Flexibility – introduce new locations and rapidly change access bandwidths with no business disruption. Think ultimate operational, contractual and design flexibility.
  • Short contract terms – internet VPNs are perfect if you need cost-effective support for temporary sites or if you regularly acquire and dispose of sites.
  • Security – IP security technology keeps site-to-site traffic fully encrypted so sensitive data stays safe.
  • Cost effectiveness – internet access services offer maximum throughput for a given investment and are ideal for heavy network-traffic.
  • Consolidation – internet access is available with the same access services at each site. This supports design flexibility and circuit consolidation and saves money.

The right internet VPN service provider helps you surmount VPN limitations

Internet VPNs traditionally required detailed understanding of network security and careful installation/configuration to deliver high levels of security on public networks. Secondly, their reliability and performance relies on the quality of the chosen internet service provider. Thirdly, different vendors’ solutions haven’t always been compatible.

Telephone Systems (UK) brings experience and skills that surmount these limitations and give you reliable, secure and flexible internet VPN services. Contact us now for more information.