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ISDN2 Installation Costs

For smaller organisations to transition to digital phone lines.

For smaller organisations wanting to make the transition from analogue phone lines to digital, ISDN2 (called ISDN2e by BT) is an entry-level option for up to eight simultaneous users. Fortunately, our competitive ISDN2 installation costs won’t break the bank.

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Line Charges
Service Installation
ISDN2 £279.58
DDI planning fee £97.20
DDI numbers £0.98 per number

ISDN2 installation costs are low compared to the benefits

Communications costs are important for all sizes of organisation. ISDN2 installation costs and ongoing rental fees are remarkably low when compared to the business benefits you can get from going digital. With ISDN2 it really is possible for micro businesses to harness the power of digital telephony.

ISDN2 installation costs – can you afford not to invest?

Can you afford to keep avoiding the modest ISDN2 installation costs needed to bring your telephone system into the digital age? Technology moves on relentlessly and your competitors are probably already benefitting from the enhanced business productivity of ISDN2? What's stopping you from doing the same, especially when the installation costs are so reasonable? Here are the main elements of a typical ISDN2 installation:

  • A one-off installation fee.
  • Other services associated with your installation (e.g. DDI planning and installation or caller ID services).
  • Transfer costs (if required).

Naturally, we’ll help you with all aspects of installation to ensure pain-free transfer of your existing lines so you can start enjoying the benefits of fast, reliable ISDN2. After that, the only costs are your regular rental fees.

Contact us now for competitive ISDN2 installation costs

Contact us for competitive installation costs or general information about ISDN2 digital phone lines. Years of experience with digital telephony and the special requirements of organisations like yours means we’ll make it simple for you to upgrade to digital ISDN2.