Telephone Systems

Panasonic Digital Handsets

When you are about to make a vital investment in your business phone system, it makes perfect sense to give your team all the productivity advantages of a Panasonic digital handset.

They’re the perfect complement to your planned new or upgraded digital phone system

Digital handsets that are more user friendly then ever

Because time is money and time saved is money in your pocket, Panasonic has made sure that its latest digital handsets are more user-friendly than ever – and packed with time-saving features such as easy-to-use navigation, clear back-lit screens and intuitively programmable keys. And for extra convenience, almost all Panasonic digital handsets come with a powerful built-in speakerphone and compatibility with Panasonic headsets for optimum user comfort.

There’s a perfect Panasonic digital handset for every employee

Comfort, reliability and performance? There’s bound to be a Panasonic digital handset to suit all your business users.

Great features across the range

Not surprisingly, the top-end Panasonic digital handsets come with useful extra functionality. Features such as Conference capability, Do not Disturb (DND), a wider selection of ringtones and more sophisticated LCD displays are great for power users. But even the entry level KX-DT321 comes packed with great features that will make business life easier, more productive and more enjoyable for your team.

We’ll help you choose the right handset for your business

Panasonic digital handsets are intuitive and user friendly and follow a universal design philosophy. With such a full range available, your only problem is likely to be choosing between handsets.

That’s why we’re here. Contact us now for your free demonstration and all the help you’ll need to make the right digital handset choice.