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Panasonic DECT Handsets

In the mid-1990s, DECT was adapted to stand for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. Since then, the sophisticated features and excellent clarity of DECT handsets have become a familiar part of our lives. Depending on your requirements, choose from the following Panasonic DECT handsets to complement your Panasonic phone system:

DECT originally stood for Digital European Cordless Telephone

Compatible with cordless PABXs and wireless LANs

For business applications, the latest Panasonic DECT handsets offer style, practicality and portability in a choice of standard, compact and ruggedized handsets. Each offers a similarly comprehensive package of features, as well as compatibility with cordless PABXs and wireless LANs.

DECT handsets typically use a base station network for complete coverage with seamless automatic handover. This means that users can easily move around large facilities such as warehouses, supermarkets or offices while maintaining continuity of calls to internal extensions or the public network. Digital clarity makes these handsets perfect for organisations with extensive sites that require a fully-featured phone system without issuing lots of mobile handsets.

Less interference from other devices such as wireless networks

DECT handsets meet the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standards for portable digital phones in business or domestic use (and qualify as a 3G system). It’s the dedicated frequency bands allocated to DECT handsets (typically 1.9 GHz) that mean users are much less likely to experience interference from other devices such as wireless networks.

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With their excellent operating range, DECT handsets are a stylish, practical way to bring interference-free mobility and full access to PBX enterprise features to businesses where employees regularly move around a site.

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