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Whatever the state of the economy, controlling overheads such as business phone calls makes sense. And if you can improve business efficiency, that’s a bonus. At Telephone Systems (UK), we specialise in cutting business call charges for local businesses – and providing integrated communications that help you do business more profitably.

It’s easy to cut call charges for your business

The benefits of enjoying lower business call charges

Many businesses know that cheaper business calls are available, yet never make the simple change that saves them money. What’s more, we can show you that BT’s capped business rate could be costing you money because most business calls are of less than two minutes duration – meaning the BT cap never comes into effect. How many short calls will your staff make during a typical a one or two-year BT contract? Fortunately, there’s an easy, cost-effective alternative. Telephone Systems (UK) can help you enjoy its benefits, including these:

  • Cost savings from your thorough business call charges review
  • Cheaper business lines
  • Cost advantages of non geographic numbers
  • Simpler administration
  • Useful add-ons such as Fax to Email
  • Customer support that works
  • Combine lower business call charges and cheaper, faster broadband

Benefit when you change

When we help you cut your business call charges, we start by analysing your business phone bills and considering these with all your business telecommunications. Once we start the analysis, there are usually benefits to be had from cheaper business line rental too. Naturally, we can help with that, and give you the convenience of one simple bill. After one easy helpful consultation, your business saves money and enjoys the efficiencies of easier telephone bill analysis. And we haven’t even started to look at other aspects of your business such as broadband, leased lines and other networking.

How we do it

By understanding business call charging and using our experience and contacts with all the major network providers - Opal, Gamma and BT Openreach - we’ll tailor the package of business call charges that you need:

  • Low rates per minute
  • Freedom from the illusion of capped business calls
  • No setup charges for calls to mobiles
  • Conveniently short contract periods
  • No minimum call thresholds and ‘claw backs’
  • One convenient, clear bill
  • Friendly UK-based support

Call us now

It’s easy to start enjoying cheaper business calls with Telephone Systems (UK). Just gather up your latest bills, contact our friendly adviser and discover how much you could be saving with Cheaper Calls & Lines.