Telephone Systems

Add-on apps for Phone Systems

At a given price point, modern phone systems will come with a wide range of features, well known functionality such as pick-up, transfer, speed dialling, last number redial and similar features that we all take for granted.

Specify extra applications correctly from the start.

In addition to these, your phone system can be specified with additional applications. It’s rather like buying a Windows PC: it comes with several built-in features that would enable you to get started; but if you want to do specialised work you need to request the required software. It’s the same with phone systems. You’ll be living with the decisions you make for many years, that’s why it’s vital to think them through and get them right from the beginning.

Some of the available phone system applications are as follows:

  • Voicemail and voice recording
  • Automated answering
  • Auto attendant functionality
  • ACD (Automatic call distribution)
  • Call management
  • DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony)
  • CTI (Computer telephony integration)

Whether it is the convenience of the ubiquitous voicemail or a very specific CTI application for running your call centre efficiently, the costs and inconvenience of retro-fitting an overlooked application make it imperative that you consider your requirements carefully at the needs assessment stage.

When you need to discuss system functionality and add-on applications, Telephone Systems (UK) can help you select an experienced phone systems dealer near you.