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Business Telephone Systems

What makes the ideal business phone systems partner? Great prices, advice and fast installation are all important. What’s also vital is your chosen business partner’s ability to grow with you, delivering the same levels of service, quality and value whether you’re starting out or high in the business stratosphere.

Choosing business telephone systems by size

Choosing business phone systems by size?

As your local Panasonic partner, Telephone Systems (UK) has the skills, experience and contacts to guide you on your journey into the world of more effective business telephone systems.

We’re a reliable source of great advice, productivity boosting Accessories & Options and cost-effective business telephone systems when your needs are in the ‘1 to 25 extensions’ range.

Later, we’ll help you upgrade. And finally, when you achieve full ‘corporate’ status we’ve got the capability to link your multi-site, multinational business empire.

Telephone Systems (UK) – from 1 to 1000 extensions

Whatever stage you’re at, the friendly, helpful advice, thorough consultancy and great Panasonic business telephone system products provide the same reassurance.

At Telephone Systems (UK), we’ll never forget the importance of high quality advice, relevant services and cost-effective solutions for businesses like yours.

What’s right for you when you’re choosing between business telephone systems by size? Contact us for helpful advice, or browse business telephone system catalogue on for more information.