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For UK businesses, ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband is the service that often comes to mind when they consider business internet and cheaper broadband. Telephone Systems (UK). is a leading local Business ADSL provider offering all the skills and experience you need to harness this technology.

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What’s ADSL broadband?

The term asymmetric refers to the way data-flow down ADSL lines is greater in one direction than the other – usually for downloading. ADSL broadband is established technology that allows faster transmission over copper phone lines than outmoded voiceband modems. This is achieved by using different frequencies to those required for voice calls; by using a microfilter, broadband and voice calls can operate simultaneously.

Is ADSL for you?

ADSL broadband could be right for your business if you want:

  • Fast internet and phone services
  • Reliable ‘always on’ service from a proven ADSL broadband provider;
  • To use VoIP telephony for cheaper business calls;
  • The convenience of a fixed monthly bill;
  • To give homeworkers fast, secure internet.

For small or medium-sized businesses not requiring leased lines, Managed IPVPN or private networks, ADSL is likely to be appropriate. As your local business ADSL provider, we can advise you.

ADSL business broadband - one of our high-speed ADSL solutions

As your business ADSL provider, we’ll always make sure we understand your broadband needs before recommending a service for you. Our business ADSL brings true ‘business grade’ delivery with important benefits including these:

  • The fastest speed your line supports – downloads to 24 Mbps and uploads to 1 Mbps.
  • We deal direct with BT Openreach.
  • Convenient flat monthly tariffs and one simple bill.
  • Peak time priority over residential traffic.
  • UK-based technical support.

So other users won’t affect the performance of your connection, you’ll get traffic prioritisation as part of your business ADSL broadband. And of course, all our connections offer the speed, reliability and technical support you expect, and are upgradeable as your business grows.

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