Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems (UK)

Launched on 1st February 2010, Telephone Systems (UK) is owned and operated by the long established and successful IT, telecoms and internet marketing company, PSU Technology Group Ltd.

In business since 1986 and operating from a number of locations across the UK, PSU Technology's core focus is the maintenance of IT and Telecoms systems with particular emphasis on the support of SUN, Citrix, HP, Inter-Tel and Mitel product ranges.

Further businesses owned by PSU Technology Group include the internet marketing company PSU Software Ltd and network services provider PSU Talk Ltd.

Wholesale Services

PSU deals direct with Opal, Gamma and BT Openreach with further wholesale arrangements to resell broadband and call routing services for the UK's major networks. This ensures that PSU is a very capable provider of the necessary services to promote and support a successful telephone systems dealership like yours.

It's time to share

PSU Technology Group is an active Mitel dealer with its main interest in maintenance and the provision of 100+ extension systems.

Our successful internet marketing activities, led by our subsidiary PSU Software Ltd, has also attracted many telephone system enquiries which do not fit with this core business strategy. In the past many of these enquiries have gone to waste.

In 2009 we saw a significant increase in enquiries. Seeing the potential, we created an independent department to focus on marketing specifically for smaller telephone system enquiries to be shared and distributed into a network of strategically placed local business partners in the top 50 towns and cities across the UK.

We are recruiting only 50 partners!

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