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0872 Telephone Numbers Charges

0872 have often taken the place of earlier 0870 numbers.

As such, they’re directly comparable with the popular 0871 that are widely used for technical support lines and data response services. The call structures and the underlying revenue structures are identical. It’s really just a choice between a ‘1’ and a ‘2’, but if it’s a difference that helps you differentiate your business or a specific marketing activity it’s an important choice.

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Useful for specific marketing purposes

As for their related ‘71’ equivalents, 0872 numbers are ideal for businesses that want to build a national profile without investing in costly local infrastructure. Because of their revenue sharing element, they are also useful to support specific marketing campaigns, as well as funding telephone support for low-margin operations such as telephone bookings or timetable information services.

  • Support specific marketing campaigns
  • Understand response dynamics better
  • Allocate promotional spend more effectively
  • Fund telephone support services
  • Use memorable 0872 numbers in your marketing activity
  • Build a stronger market presence

We’ll advise on pricing and advertising requirements too

As with their 0871 equivalents, 0872 numbers are strictly regulated by PhonepayPlus (the successor to ICSTIS). We can give you the advice you will need to ensure compliance with the strict requirements for pricing and promoting these services in the UK.

0872 numbers are ideal for overseas businesses wanting a virtual UK presence

Your 0872 number can also be diverted to UK landline and mobile numbers, as well as many international numbers. The latter is particularly useful for overseas businesses looking for a cost-effective virtual UK presence.

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As a small or medium-sixed business, how could you use 0872 to do business more profitably? Contact us now for advice on using these and other non-geographical numbers.