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0800 Telephone Numbers Charges

It’s easy to set up and use 0800 to build your business.

Non-geographical 0800 are the ‘classic’ free call or ‘freephone’ numbers that make it easy for anyone to call you from a UK landline at no cost to them. They’re perfect for applications as diverse as your website, your vehicles or press ads – anywhere, in fact, that you want to make it easy for potential customers to pick up the phone.

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The benefits of 0800 numbers

The overriding benefit is that the number is free to call from UK landlines and offers potential customers a powerful incentive to call you. Please be aware, however, that 0800 numbers may be charged at a premium rate if called from mobiles.

Other benefits of 0800 numbers include the following:

  • Customers prefer doing business with companies offering an 0800 number
  • An 0800 number is for life – no inconvenient changes in future.
  • An 0800 number supports your national presence.
  • 0800 numbers help small organisations appear larger and more credible.
  • Save money by reducing cold-calling.
  • Businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors.
  • Separate 0800 numbers can help businesses track marketing activity.

It’s easy to set up and use 0800 numbers

You keep your existing number, 0800 calls use your existing lines and you can divert incoming calls to any UK landline.

Contact us on our 0800 number for advice about using this powerful business tool to generate more sales leads and make more money.