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03 Telephone Numbers Charges

03 can help your business or not-for-profit organisation.

Ofcom assigned non-geographical 03 to replace earlier 084x and 087x services, which are considered unsuitable for revenue sharing. Using 03 numbers is seen as more ethical and customer-friendly for organisations such as councils, NHS medical practices and charities. Commercial businesses may of course use some of the available number ranges.

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No greater cost than calling UK geographic numbers

Calls to 03 numbers are charged at no more than the cost of UK geographic numbers (01 and 02 numbers). Revenue and charge sharing is not available and 03 numbers are legally required to cost the same as landline calls for all operators (this includes any bundled ‘free minutes’ included in a call package).

The benefits of 03 numbers and charges

The benefits include the following:

  • National phone presence – 03 numbers are portable
  • Number translation – existing numbers can be kept because 03 numbers are pointed at (‘translated’) an existing landline number.
  • Calls are charged at a friendlier national geographic rate.
  • Numbers can be included in call plans in the same way as geographical calls.
  • Consistency with the ethical position of medical practices and utilities

Number ranges

Under the Ofcom assignment, 03 number ranges and charges have been allocated for different purposes:

  • 0300/0303 – public sector, healthcare and non-profit organisations
  • 0330/0333 – Any business
  • 034 – businesses already using 084 numbers
  • 037 – businesses already using 087 numbers

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